Friday, January 11, 2008

January Plans and More..

I'm getting ambitious this year, or at least somewhat more goal minded.

I've noticed that the urge to keep this space occupied with new material is helping to spur on my miniature painting. As I sit typing this I can feel the cold stares from at least a hundred unpainted figures behind me and the silent cries of the many more hundreds languishing in storage.

So far we're two weeks into this new year and I've painted two sets of figures. That's pretty darn good by my speed. I'm hoping to maintain that momentum by challenging myself to painting something each week, taking a picture and posting it here.

What's in store for the rest of January:

Next week- I hope to paint some more Cryx for my Warmachine faction. We'll see if I can get Skarre, Captain Rengrave, and a unit of Satyxis Raiders in time to meet that goal. It will be a stretch. While I'm waiting I think I'm going to fiddle around with some quick terrain. To add to the pressure I've got two nights of gaming ahead. Wednesday promises to be lots of fun. Rich Johnson, creator of .45 Adventure is running what promises to be a very fun dinosaur hunt game on Wednesday night at one of our local stores, TOGIT. Thursday night is the first week of the store Warmachine league and my Cryx drew 14th place in the 16 player league. That's actually a good thing because a victory against a higher ranked opponent is worth more victory points. Not that victory points matter. I'm in it for the social aspect of seeing some of my gaming buddies regularly and all the fun trash talk. Finally if my D&D group is still interested, I'm hoping to jolt us back into activity after a 2 month holiday lull. The group is all around 6th or 7th level now. We left off with them investigating a flooded Dwarven strip mine located in a territory they were bestowed by the local Duchy. Now that they are land owners in a somewhat feudal system it is presenting additional challenges like building bridges and ridding the area of bandits. If the group is reading this (I know someone will eventually)- hint: Bandits are like rats and cockroaches. You can never be fully rid of them..

Week 4- Well I'm going to have to prepare to run some games the week of the 24th-27th at a very fun local convention, called Dreamation. I'm running a Shockforce game on Friday night and Sunday afternoon. Saturday I'll be running a Weird WWII game using my own home rules. Now that I'm thinking of it I should get some of the Darkson Designs figures I purchased back in August at GenCon done up for this game. I'll also be using plenty of Victory Force figures I already have done, including some N.E.W. War Germans.

I did end the title of this with "and More". However, I think what I added above is more than enough to think about. :)

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