Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dreamation Shockforce Game from 1/27/2008

What follows is a battle report from a recent game of Shockforce, aka WarEngine. I ran this at a local game convention called Dreamation this past weekend. I also plan to have the highlights of an earlier run Weird War II battle for posting tomorrow.

This particular scenario was designed to be a multi-sided game, however in this instance we had a match up between two forces, the Human Pirate Skummers and New Eden Militia. The Human Pirate Skum force was comprised of figures from the following sources- Gangs of MegaCity:One plastic gangers, Necromunda plastic Goliaths, GW/Citadel Confrontation Skavvies, GW/Citadel Rogue Trader Space Pirates, Grenadier Future War (now EM-4 Future Skirmishes) Savages & Scavengers, and a Void Junkers Desert Marauder Dune Buggy. Not many of those figures still available but they gave the force the very motley character they deserved. The New Eden Militia force was comprised solely of JC Figures miniatures sold through Victory Force.

The Human Skummers were an unsavory band of space pirates, vagabonds, and malcontents. They were arranged into 3 squads, each armed primarily with laser rifles, shotguns, or a brace of pistols. The Skum leader was armed with a handgun and sword. The most powerful weapon in the arsenal was a fast off road dune buggy with heavy rotary cannon.

The New Eden Militia was in sharp contrast to the outcasts. In the background of my games, New Eden is a thought police style dystopia with psychically endowed females. The N.E.M. is the military arm. In this engagement there was a mission commander with two handguns and a psychic power to see the future, a squad of light riflemen, a squad of heavy armor riflemen, and Special Agent 69. SA69 is not only a government sanctioned operative but also an efficient killing machine. In addition to infiltrating into the conflict she possessed a powerful ability to short out machinery with an electrical burst of psychic power.

The reason for this chance encounter was the discovery of weapons grade diamonds on an isolated off world mining colony. The Squat miners had disappeared from their outpost for unknown reasons and the remaining cache of precious gems lay in one of two durable transportation boxes within the confines of the facility.

Entering from opposite ends of the facility, Agent 69 had the advantage of an infiltrated deployment. She quickly moved in the opening turns of the encounter to the first possible location of the special diamonds. Women are apparently drawn to diamonds as the die roll indicated that this was indeed the proper container and not the decoy.

Now the pressure was on the Space Pirates to get to Agent 69 and give her a licking. The Off-road Dune Buggy raced ahead of the advancing gangs right into view of Agent 69. They fired at her twice but some close die rolls and the use of hero points kept Agent 69 standing and ready to do them in. She launched her mental attack which failed to shutdown the vehicle’s systems but then she fired one well placed shot into the vehicle with her big handgun and it was immediately destroyed.

While the violent encounter of both sides’ “heavies” was occurring, both players were moving up their squads and force leaders. Before Agent 69 could be joined by her own forces, the Goliath gang crested the top of the base’s landing pad and began shooting their shotguns at her as they entered the central courtyard. She fell in a hail of combined gunfire having used her hero points earlier to escape death.

Now the contest would be decided by quantity or quality. The N.E.M. light infantry advanced past the fallen Agent 69 and began a withering fire into the Goliaths. They would soon be gone. The N.E.M. heavy infantry advanced more cautiously and crossed the perimeter fence taking up a position among some storage drums.

The Pirates advanced on either side of the perimeter fence, one unit entering a habitation dome on the other side of the militia.

A firefight from doorway to doorway and a counterattack by the Pirates led to many of the light infantry getting killed.

Meanwhile the Pirate Force Leader was shot down advancing on the heavy armor riflemen. However, they were soon taking fire on their flank from the laser rifle squad of Pirates. One trooper and the sergeant went down and with a horrible morale roll at the end of that turn the remainder of the squad ran away leaving the New Eden force leader, the light infantry sergeant, and one trooper against two pirates from one squad and 5 from another. The larger pirate squad quickly took out the New Eden leaders’ final squad and she was left alone trying to get the cache of diamonds off the table.

Her two pursuers from the first habitation dome were killed in a quick firefight as she tried to escape through the second dome. The remaining pirates gave hot pursuit across the courtyard.

In her haste to flee the situation with her treasure the New Eden leader ignored firing upon her pursuers. They missed her initially but in their very last chance to take her out before exiting the mining colony she was brought down by another combined fire action. The Pirates would have the diamonds and the squad leader of the remaining 3 laser rifle armed pirates raised his own meltagun high above his head and declared himself the new pirate leader..

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