Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Last Six Months..

Well..I was hoping to do a better job of keeping up with my blog here. The best laid plans never survive first contact with the enemy and my enemy is time.

What I will do now is attempt to recap the last six months. I've been very busy. Later I hope to return to post more thoughts and pictures on some of the specifics.

February- I got "nominated" to be the convention director of a local game convention. This was to be the first attempt for us to run a convention, NJCON.

March-I went to Cold Wars and got hooked into a new gaming period for me, Seven Years War. Sash & Saber had a great sale and I picked up the beginnings of a 25mm Prussian army.

April- A lot of work was done on getting stuff lined up for the convention and pestering the rest of the convention committee.

May- I spent most of this month working over convention details, and painting, lots of painting. I got roughly 120 miniatures painted, the bulk of them zombies and human survivors for a zombie game. I'll add in another post on some of the things I've painted and describe the zombie game I jointly ran with Barry, a fellow gamer and zombie aficionado.

June- The convention ran and we did well. The zombie game was fun too. We did however suffer from a record heatwave and the convention building, a VFW, had no A/C upstairs..yes..that's A/C. It was the first week of June and it was an uncharacteristic 15-20 degrees hotter than normal. The only saving grace were the dollar drafts at the hall's bar.

July- This month is almost over, but I've just returned from Historicon and from Dexcon the week before. I'll be giving these separate treatment, hopefully before I run off to GenCon in 2 1/2 weeks. Three conventions in 5 weeks is a bit much.